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ELKOS Bath Fittings is one of the leading Health faucet manufacturers in India. We deliver premium quality health faucets that enable people to keep their daily cleaning routine by enhancing excellent water control for everyday needs. As leading manufacturers in the industry, we proudly offer a wide range of innovative and durable products that revolutionize toiletry experiences of diverse cultures across the nation. 

Driven by our passionate commitment to innovation, we utilize ultra-modern technology to curate luxurious and essential bathroom elements that add a different dimension to any bathroom fittings. These hand-held Health Faucets‘ premium look and easy integration features allow users to experience cleanliness at their desired specifications. Offered under our outstanding stream, these faucets stand on top of other similar products for their usability, flexibility, and performance. 

About Our Health Faucet

ELKOS Bath health faucet is a specially designed spray used for personal hygiene purposes in the bathroom. It consists of a nozzle attached to a flexible hose connected to the water supply. Designed for hand-held operations, the user can control the flow of water by pressing a trigger or valve of this faucet. 

Innovatively designed our health faucet facilitates thorough cleansing after using the toilet. It provides an effective and hygienic alternative to traditional methods. It is also particularly beneficial for individuals with mobility issues, pregnant women, and those who prefer a higher level of cleanliness.

Beyond personal hygiene, our health faucets can also be used for other purposes such as cleaning the toilet, bathroom floor, or bathing pets. Their multitasking functioning and convenience enhance the modern bathroom’s utility, and aesthetics, and promote sanitation with comfort for users of all ages.

Benefits Of Installing Our Health Faucet

  • Enhanced personal hygiene
  • Efficient cleansing after toilet use
  • Eco-friendly alternative stop toilet paper use
  • Stop water wastage from controlled water discharge
  • Promotes a higher level of cleanliness
  • Reduces the risk of bacterial contamination
  • Adjustable water flow with higher comfort
  • Cost-effective solution for long-term use

Material and Components of Our Health Faucet

Our health faucets are typically made using premium and durable stainless steel, brass, or ABS Plastic. Their components include a nozzle and a trigger that spreads water in a controlled flow.  A hose is also connected to a water supply line via an adapter. Designed with a modern fixture, they can be mounted on the holder making the bathroom interior look systematic and organized. Extremely innovative and stylish these plumbing fixtures provide users with a convenient and hygienic solution for personal cleansing in the bathroom.

Why Choose Us

ELKOS Bath continuously works with unwavering expertise and crafts luxurious bathrooms that strongly lead the competition of industries. We utilize superior and highly advanced technology, expert intelligence, premium material, and meticulous attention to designing unparalleled products that set new benchmarks of standards in the industry. Choose ELKOS Bath as one of the trusted Health faucet manufacturers and elevate your daily routines into moments of indulgence and relaxation.