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Elkos Bath Fittings is one of the most prominent Bathroom Faucet Manufacturers in India. Serving the industry for decades, we are committed to manufacturing, supplying, distributing, and exporting the most appropriate bathroom faucets that are the best alternative for the simple to luxury bathroom. Made from corrosion-resistant and durable materials, our products are the best solution for both residential and commercial facilities. These bathroom accessories are long-lasting, strong, and stylish. 

As a renowned brand in India, Elkos Bath Fittings offers a diverse range of bathroom faucets, such as single-lever, quarter-turn, and half-turn. We categorize our products into series, such as O Pal series, fusion series, vignette series, desire series, Cubix series, square series, prime series, platinum series, jazz series, gold series, axis series, flora series, Priya gold series, Leon series. Bathroom faucets in each series come with different features, styles, designs, and colors. 

Features of Our Bathroom Faucets

Elkos Bathroom Faucets are unique in style, design, and finish. As an experienced Bathroom faucet manufacturer in India, we design chrome, sleek, and finish products that are designed to facilitate a modern and contemporary look. You can also get bathroom faucets with antique finishes. To compliment your sanitaryware and ensure a luxurious look, opt for our designer faucets.

The series of our fancy accessories for the bathroom or kitchen are manufactured to elegantly offer great sanctification with beautiful designs and top-quality performance. They are an integral part of your bathroom decor, enhancing the overall appeal. 

Quality Tests and Assurance

As one of the leading bathroom faucet manufacturers in India, Elkos Bath Fittings focuses on producing quality products. To achieve this, we are backed by a high-profile and experienced quality testing team that conducts several tests of our products during the manufacturing process. 

They conduct flow rate tests, material tests, hydraulic pressure tests, and coating thickness tests. Besides, the team also checks dimensional accuracy, leakage, durability, finish and coating, temperature control, and regulatory compliance. With this, Elkos Bathroom provides a guarantee for each product. You can contact us for a Warranty, Expert Assistance, and free quotes. The best part is we can customize bathroom faucets to meet your unique requirements.

Why Choose Elkos Bath Fittings?

Elkos Bath Fittings ranks among the most trusted brands when it comes to the best Bathroom faucet manufacturers in India. Assisted by expert engineers and technicians, we use only top-grade raw materials, modern technologies, and advanced manufacturing techniques. With a comprehensive quality control process, Elkos Bathroom guarantees to produce and supply highly reliable and top-quality products to meet your needs.

Get in touch to learn more about us, we can meet your requirements by ensuring beautiful, luxurious, and reasonably-priced bathroom designs. Note that the entire range of Bathroom Faucets designed and supplied by Elkos Bath Fittings offers complete and perfect solutions for bathrooms in both residential and commercial buildings.