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SHRINATH IMPEX started its manufacturing with a brand name” ELKOS”.

ELKOS is now  making waves in the bathroom fixtures manufacturing and wholesale industries .With a focus on delivering TOP -NOTCH products ,elkos bath aim to transform bathroom across india into luxirous and stylish spaces .From state of art design to unmatched quality ,elkos bath is all set to redefine the way people experience their daily rituals As elkos bath are continued to expand their reach , customers nation wide can look forward to new era of elevated bathroom experience .

    ELKOS-“Transforming Bath Spaces into Luxurious Havens with Innovative Designs and Unparalled Quality

About Us

Elkos Bath Fittings

Founded in year 2018 , we pride ourself on redefining the bathing experience throughout india, infusing opulence, comfort, and elegance into every bathroom we touch. ELKOS bath is more then just a company; we are passionate force dedicated to blending cutting-edge designs with unmatched quality, creating fashionable and luxurious bathroom sanctuaries .

Elkos bath is your destination for meticulously crafted bath accessories and complete bathroom solutions .Our extensive product line includes faucets, showers, bath accessories and much more .Behind every product stands our team of tireless designers and engineers who continousely push the boundaries of style and innovation. We intend to established new industries standards through innovative designs , superior craftmenship, and superior customer service. We are stedfast in our mission to provide luxurious bathing solutions to household across india .

Our Mission Vision & Quality

Our Mission

Elkos Bath Fittings is a well-known company that consistently considers each customer’s desire to improve their home and offers them workable alternatives. By selling the goods to the most demanding markets, we have built a solid foundation.

Our Vision

We adapt technology in concert with advancements in communication and research to build a better and more productive workplace. The highly motivated and skilled members of our team make an effort to provide each project their full and individual attention.

Our Quality

Products from Elkos Bath Fittings are user-friendly and of consistent quality. We prioritize user comfort while also taking water conservation and environmental protection into account. Each Elkos Bath Fittings item embodies the ideal union of innovation, excellence, and design.

Huge Collection

You can use any of our many products to help your bathroom speak for itself.

Next-Gen Design

The exclusive line of premium goods with cutting-edge design for the coming generation.

Bath Solutions

Our cutting-edge production facilities adhere to the strictest quality and legal requirements.

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At elkos bath , our mission transcends mere hygienic products ; it’s about enhancing your daily bathing ritual. Keeping a vigilant eye on evolving trends, we seamless incorporate the latest technologies and material into our offerings .  Our manufacturing processes adhere rigorously to the highest industry standards, ensuring the longevity and reliability of our products .

As a burgeoning company, we prioritize you- the consumer . Our dedicated customer service team is here to offer personalized guidance and assistance .with competitive pricing and versatile payement options, we make it possible for everyone to transform their bathroom into a haven of luxury and comfort through our exclusive collection .

Elkos bath is  a name you can trust for innovative solutions and top-notch after sales services , empowering you to bestow a premium transformation upon your bathroom

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