Elkos Bath Fittings


Hand Shower Manufacturers

Elkos Bath Fittings is one of the leading Hand Shower Manufacturers in India. We produce a superior hand shower that helps you enjoy the comfort and harmony of bath freshness of rain in your hand. With our dedication to innovation,  we take pride in our creation to revolutionize the people’s bathing experience and present you with a range of hand showers that seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics. 

Our hand showers are the best way to start the day in a relaxed and refreshed manner. Apart from that, they save precious water and time for bathing and reaching your place of work on time. 

Purpose Of Our Hand Shower

Elkos Bath Fittings is one of the renowned Hand Shower Manufacturers, the world-class accessory for a personalized and efficient bathing experience. Flexible and direct water flow due to our products allows users to target and wash specific areas. These showers provide a convenient alternative to fixed showerheads and rinse, clean, and massage as per requirement. Their adjustable spray patterns and varying water control cater to individual preferences, making daily hygiene routines enjoyable. Moreover, they promote water conservation with control water usage. 

Features of Our Hand shower

At Elkos Bath Fittings, our hand showers are manufactured using high-quality materials such as chrome-plated ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene),  plastic, Stainless steel and brass components, that are known for durability, sleek finish, and a robust structure and a prolonged lifespan. The sturdy designs of our hand showers contain several features including, adjustable spray patterns, compatibility with standard shower fittings, Water-savvy, brilliant control over water flow, and more. 

Benefits of Using Our Hand Shower

  • Provides a refreshing and energizing shower
  • Control water usage for eco-friendly bathing
  • Tailor water flow to your preferences
  • Enhance your bathroom aesthetics
  • Simple function for a hassle-free experience
  • Flexible water spray where needed to use
  • Excellent resistance to hot water and other corrosive environmental factors

Being one of the trusted hand shower manufacturers, in our state-of-the-art manufacturing infrastructure, we employ high-end and inventive technology and discover a mirror-look technology with antique designs to best suit a variety of bathroom and vintage kitchen designs. Extremely ingenious and decorative, their aesthetic aspects change the entire setting of the bathroom. Apart from that, their silver appearance gives an incredible shine and finish to the entire look of the setting. 

Reason to Choose us?

As one of the specialized manufacturers, Elkos Bath Fittings is always eager to meet market expectations. With our superior craftsmanship, we showcase precision and quality in every detail. Choose Elkos Bath and promote a refreshing and invigorating bathing experience with our innovative range of contemporary and timeless designs for quick rinses and indulgent relaxation. 

Discover a world of superiority with our exquisite collection of hand showers and elevate your daily shower routine as well as motivate your bathroom decor with a touch of luxury and sophistication.